KeyMoves licensing is a simple, straightforward process. To initiate it, contact:

Ergonome Incorporated
145 West 96th Street
New York, NY 10025
Telephone (212) 222-9600
Fax (212) 222-6699

When you reach Ergonome, a KeyMoves licensing representative will discuss pricing and licensing conditions with you. After your questions and concerns have been fully addressed, a license agreement similar to that shown below will be forwarded to you.



KeyMoves pricing is based upon volume of Licensed Users. All prices are for three-year licenses.

Licensed Users

Price Per User



























100,000 up



Sample License Agreement:

The KeyMoves Training Program is owned by Ergonome Incorporated. Ergonome licenses KeyMoves only upon the condition that the Licensee accepts all of the terms contained in this License Agreement.

KeyMoves is the subject of multiple copyright registrations, and is licensed hereunder on a Licensed-User basis. Under this Agreement, any individual who has training on or regular personal access to any device displaying or controlling the operation of KeyMoves must be a Licensed User. KeyMoves is specifically not licensed hereunder for purposes of training, teaching or professional display to persons who are not Licensed Users, whether for profit or not.

The Method of Preventing Repetitive Stress Injuries During Computer Keyboard Usage embodied in KeyMoves is patented by Ergonome. Under this Agreement, Licensee is entitled to teach such Method to all Licensed Users during the License period hereof, and such Licensed Users are entitled to practice such Method in perpetuity.

Upon Ergonome’s approval and acceptance of this completed License Agreement, you will be licensed to display KeyMoves on one networked VDT per Licensed User, for use by and/or display to only such Licensed Users, for the period of ____________________ until _____________________.

This Agreement applies to ______________ Licensed Users of KeyMoves at the fee of ___________ per Licensed User.



You may choose to run the KeyMoves Training Program in either of two ways:

  • Ergonome Hosting - KeyMoves is run on Ergonome's servers, over the Internet, using Ergonome’s proprietary LMS, the KeyMoves Supervisor Module.

  • Self Hosting - KeyMoves is run on your servers, over your company’s intranet, using either Ergonome’s LMS or your company’s existing LMS.

    Smaller and mid-size companies, with anywhere from a hundred to a few thousand trainees, typically choose Ergonome Hosting. Ergonome provides passwords and access to the Program on Ergonome’s servers for both trainees and supervisor.

    Larger companies often prefer to integrate the KeyMoves Training Program into their existing LMS. If you choose this Self Hosting option, you will be asked to provide the name and contact information for a responsible IT person within your organization. Ergonome's technical staff will work with this person to ensure swift, trouble-free installation and operation of KeyMoves on your servers.



    The value of KeyMoves within a given company can be enhanced by having the ability to add to the program information which is specific to the company, and which reflects the company’s particular medical and occupational safety policies and priorities.

    For this reason, Ergonome creates customized versions of the KeyMoves Training Program for companies purchasing a corporate-wide KeyMoves license. This service is provided on a cost basis, and enables implementation of the company’s policies on employee safety and health within a single software package.

    Ergonome works directly with a designated representative of your staff to create the content for your customized version of KeyMoves, and then Ergonome implements this information in web-based formats, within the basic framework of KeyMoves, for installation on your corporate intranet.

    Typical KeyMoves customizations include:

  • Addition of the corporate logo to the title screen;

  • Information on where employees can get various types of workstation accessories and modifications (wrist rests, lumbar support pillows, document holders, anti-glare screens, etc.);

  • Graphics depicting workstation adjustment particulars;

  • Names and locations of ergonomics and health & safety support personnel;

  • Company policies on reporting of symptoms;

    Customized versions of KeyMoves have been created for such clients as Chase Manhattan Bank, Chevron Oil, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Long Island Newsday.

    You may discuss a customized version of KeyMoves with a KeyMoves licensing representative.

    For further information or to discuss licensing, contact:

    Ergonome Incorporated
    145 West 96th Street
    New York, NY 10025
    Telephone (212) 222-9600
    Fax (212) 222-6699


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